100 Single-Use Face Masks ($3.00/mask)

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These single-use surgical style face masks are made in USA from a clean medical drape material.

These masks are a surgical style, tying behind the back of the head and designed with pleats. They are made from new upcycled (new material used in a different way) medical-grade wrap usually used to drape  tables in operating rooms. This wrap offers microbial barrier protection and works to repel fluids, however we cannot guarantee their performance.

We recommend that the customer or facility using the masks disinfect them before use. As masks are a personal item, they cannot be returned.  

Sold in bags of 100.


Size: One size with adjustable ties. Mask area (folded): 7.5in W x 3.5in H. Ties (each) 15in L.

Materials: Light medical-grade polypropylene fabric

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Pay It Forward Program

Your purchase helps us provide PPE to vulnerable communities, support local nonprofits addressing community needs during the COVID-19 crisis, and supports small business. Learn more by visiting Ecolibrium3 at www.ecolibrium3.org.

These masks are manufactured in the low-income neighborhood of Lincoln Park, employing sewing professionals during the COVID-19 disruption. If you are interested in purchasing masks in excess of 1,000, please go to https://superiortechppe.com/.


This product has not been cleared by the FDA. It is not recommended that the product be used in surgical settings when an FDA-cleared product is available. This product is non-sterile and should be sanitized before use.