100 Face Shields ($2.25/shield)

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Plastic Face Shields made in USA.

Face shields can be used by frontline workers, healthcare professionals, and community members to create a barrier from liquids and reduce potential of contaminating face masks. Face shields are a comfortable way to provide a physical barrier from coughs, sneezes, and hand-to-face contact. Face shields can be used where higher protection is needed including hospitals, schools, airplanes, stores, and areas of social gathering.

These face shields are assembled as part of the Pay It Forward PPE Project in Duluth, MN. 


  • One size fits all. The size of the shield may be tailored to the user through do-it-yourself modifications. 
  • Optically clear 10 mil PET-G plastic that can be altered to size using scissors.
  • Wide elastic band and comfortable foam.
  • Product is disposable and is not meant to be continuously re-used.

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Pay It Forward Program

Your purchase helps us provide PPE to vulnerable communities, support local nonprofits addressing community needs during the COVID-19 crisis, and supports small business. Learn more about this project at www.ecolibrium3.org.

This project is designed to meet regional needs and benefit organizations serving traditionally marginalized populations disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Call for more information on discounts for:

  • Northland Minnesota and Wisconsin Orders: 50% off your face shield order 
  • Minnesota Orders: 25% off your face shield order
  • Organizations serving traditionally marginalized populations: 25% off your face shield order

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This product has not been cleared by the FDA. It is not recommended that the product be used in surgical settings when an FDA-cleared product is available. This product is non-sterile and should be sanitized before use.