Why Pay It Forward?

Lincoln Park- Our Heart. Our Home.

COVID-19 has a disproportionate impact on certain communities. Pay It Forward PPE is a project located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Duluth, MN. On one hand, Lincoln Park is a dynamic neighborhood actively reinventing itself as the midwest's craft district. Small, family-owned businesses and artisans are #CraftingSomethingGreat. However, Lincoln Park is also a neighborhood facing historic disinvestment and health disparities. Residents in the project census block have average lifespans 20 years less than other areas of Duluth.

Pay It Forward PPE lets us leverage the crafty-can-do-cooperative spirit of Lincoln Park to proactively protect our residents.

Buying Local

Our products are locally made by project partner Frost River dba Tech PPE, LLC, a Duluth-based manufacturer of outdoor gear using materials sourced through local suppliers. This local supply chain keeps our community’s businesses open and our neighbors employed.

Assembly of face shields has been accomplished through a community volunteer effort designed to fundraise for nonprofit organizations and provide a safe environment for "doing something together- apart." 

Supporting the Resilience of Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

Profits from the sale of PPEs are reinvested in the Duluth community in two ways. First, each order assists in purchasing reusable masks for our communities most vulnerable populations, distributing this protection to the elderly, low-income families, and communities of color. Second, every purchase also pays forward with a donation to a local nonprofit that serves these vulnerable populations. These funds allow these organizations to continue to employ their staff and serve our neighbors in need.

Building Community Connections

This project connects businesses, nonprofits, and our neighbors to support the health of our community. The collaboration extends beyond Ecolibrium3 and Frost River, including offering socially-distanced, but connected community-service opportunities for organizations, businesses, and individuals. Learn how you and your organization can get involved at Ecolibrium3's website.