About Us

Pay It Forward PPE is a social enterprise developed to provide personal protective equipment to frontline workers, distribute masks to vulnerable community members, and support struggling nonprofits and small businesses affected by the COVID-19 disruption. 

This project combines the social benefit work of the nonprofit Ecolibrium3 dba Pay It Forward PPE, LLC,  with the manufacturing expertise of Frost River dba Tech PPE, LLC. 

The Pay It Forward PPE project commits to a minimum distribution of 30,000 face masks to community members to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus. 


About Ecolibrium3


Ecolibrium3 is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to lead and inspire change toward an equitable and sustainable future. Serving as the convening organization in Duluth’s low-income Lincoln Park neighborhood, Ecolibrium3 works on all aspects of sustainable revitalization that advance opportunities for residents and businesses, including community sustainability and resiliency.

All Pay It Forward PPE proceeds will be reinvested in community via Ecolibrium3's work. To learn more visit www.ecolibrium3.org.


About Frost River


Frost River is a Duluth-based manufacturer of quality outdoor goods. From waxed canvas and leather bags, riveted and sewn for legendary durability, to the rapid retooling of their processes to meet the PPE needs of frontline workers, Frost River is a leader is quality and compassion. Frost River is one of the cornerstone companies revitalizing the Lincoln Park Craft District- #CraftingSomethingGreat.

To learn more about Frost River's journey, check them out at www.frostriver.com.

To place bulk orders (1000+) for face masks go to their subsidiary Superior Tech PPE at www.superiortechppe.com.