Why buy face shields and masks made in Minnesota?

Not only do you keep your family, employees, and customers safe, but your purchase with Pay It Forward PPE also supports the health of our neighbors and community organizations. 

Ecolibrium3 and Frost River, the organizations behind Pay It Forward PPE, created a model that invests proceeds from the sale of PPE back into our community. Our face shields and masks, made locally in Duluth, MN, actually help us provide masks to our neighbors in need and make donations to community organizations and nonprofits.

Your purchases support giving masks to organizations like the NAACP and the Duluth Children’s Museum to distribute to their members. We’ve distributed thousands of masks to our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Your purchase also allows us to make donations to charities and nonprofits throughout the communities. These organizations work on hunger, housing, youth services, and more!

We believe that our community can be resilient during the face of the pandemic, but only when we work together and support each other. A purchase from Pay It Forward PPE will make sure everyone in our community can thrive!